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  • Important information for the public, about Luminis

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  • Secure communication channels, only accessible by members of the Luminis corporation

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  • General discussion between Luminis and the broader 'verse

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    Crusader VIP Protection

    A defending team will protect a VIP located on a crusader platform while an attacking team attempts to assassinate the target. Each team can be made up of 11 people, including VIP, commander, and drop ship captain. 11 people are required for the defending team, and 11 for the attacking team, 1 dropship captain (myself).

    Rule set No time limit No finishing off incapacitated opponents Defending team has 5 minutes to land at the location from their drop and setup a defense. After which, the attacking team will deploy. The attacking team can deploy to any location on the platform, and drop any number of people (multiple drops are possible), and will be aware of the defending teams general location. If 3 defenders die (not incap) during a round, they have the option to regroup on their carrier and deploy anywhere on the platform to provide additional support to other defending teammates. The commander of the attacking team can request a "UAV" per round, in which the dropship captain will reveal the defending teams locations. Restrictions VIP will be wearing civilian clothing/undersuit. VIP is allowed a PDW. VIP will be drawn randomly. No heavy weapons are allowed except for the rail gun. No grenades. Ships needed 2x Carrack or 890 1 dropship (Valk, Prowler, Cutlass) Suggestion/additional requirements Bring additional sets of equipment with you on your teams carrier to make new rounds quick to start up, and will give the defending team supplies when they respawn as reinforcements. Bring 2-3 sets, bodies can be looted between rounds, but this is just incase bodies fall through the floor/de-spawn. Where to meet

    We will meet and leave from Seraphim station at 8pm EST. Please have any equipment you are bringing already at station and be spawned before departure.

  • Shop talk, engineering talk, and everything about the various ships & manufacturers of the 'verse goes here

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    I'm needed at my new job today because a lot of people are sick atm.
    We could postpone the training event or you can start without me.